Rental Agreement

Deposits and final payments should be sent to: 13-397 Humberline Dr., Etobicoke, ON M9W 5T5 (Delivery staff are not permitted to accept payments unless prearranged)

***NOTE: Items are not reserved until we receive a deposit. Availability can only be confirmed once we receive a signed contract/online request.

This Rental Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing this agreement. The parties hereby agree that by signing, they agree to be legally bound to the provisions contained herein.

  1. Unless specified and accepted by the supplier in writing, all account balances are due in full 7 days prior to the delivery of the contracted event. The supplier reserves the right not to deliver, install and/or render its service until the balance is paid in full. The supplier assumes no responsibility for delays to the event start time as a result of delay in payment and/or non-payment.
  2. The customer hereby declares that all information given to the supplier on this document and other related documents to be true and exact. In the event of misrepresentation, the supplier reserves the right to cancel this agreement and repossess any and all of the items rented without prior notice. All expenses related to the above, incurred by the supplier will be charged to the customer. The customer will be legally bound to pay the supplier a minimum deposit of 50% of the contract total price.
  3. All items are to be leased and billed in blocks of 2 days/48 hours, any additional hours/days exceeding the first 48 hours will be billed for an additional 48 hours.
  4. This agreement is binding not only on all parties to it, but also on the customer’s legal or personal representatives as well as any one else to whom this agreement is transferred.
  5. All equipment is used at customer’s risk. Conditions which prevent satisfactory use do not relieve customer of his/her/its responsibility for rental charges.
  6. The rental fees outlined in the agreement cover the time period only from the delivery date/time to the pickup date/time. If, after delivery and prior to the pickup date, customer requests that the pickup date be extended to a later date, and if the supplier agrees to such an extension, then the rental charge for the time period between the original pickup date and extended pickup date shall be increased at the discretion of the supplier.
  7. If, on the pickup date, supplier’s agents/representatives arrive at the event location to pickup the leased equipment, and if the supplier’s agents/representatives are prevented from picking up the leased equipment, then: (a) Customer shall be responsible to pay a holdover fee; (b) Customer shall reimburse the supplier for the trucking plus the amount of $50.00 for each man-hour expended by Supplier for each unsuccessful attempt to pickup the leased equipment; and (c) Customer shall reimburse supplier for all damages suffered or incurred by supplier by reason thereof, including indemnifying, defending and holding supplier harmless from any claims made by other customers of Supplier.
  8. Unless otherwise specified, all deliveries and pickups shall be made during regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm; Saturday, 10am to 4pm and Sunday, 12am – 4pm. All requested delivery or pickup at other times shall be subject to the payment of additional charges, and/or approval of a director.
  9. Prior to the delivery date, customer shall provide Supplier with a floor plan indicating the exact location of the rented equipment at the event location. Customer shall provide all needed electricity, electrical cords or any other accessories required for electricity. The supplier will not be held liable for electrical malfunctions and/or lack of service.
  10. In connection with the delivery and assembly of the leased equipment, customer acknowledges the (i) Supplier’s trucks MUST be able to park and unload the leased equipment within one hundred feet (100 ft) of the boundary line of the event location, (ii) Supplier’s agent/representative will not go up or down stairs to unload the rented equipment and assemble the same, (iii) the assembly location for the rented equipment must be on the ground floor or there must be a freight elevator of sufficient size available to transport the leased equipment. (iv) Supplier’s agents/representatives must have unrestricted access to the loading area and any elevator required. Supplier will not be held responsible for delays.
  11. Customer shall have a qualified representative present at the event location to accept delivery of the rented equipment and to confirm that the same has been delivered and accepted. Failure of the representative to be present will constitute acceptance of delivery in good condition of equipment to be moved from the location at which assembled and placed by the supplier.
  12. In no event shall Customer cause or permit anything to be stuck to the leased equipment (for example, without limitation: signage, tape, glue, etc.).
  13. If renting equipment from the supplier without the supplier’s production services, the customer hereby declares to examine the items and to be satisfied with the items, having received said items in good operating condition. In addition, the customer declares that he/she/it is familiar with operation and function of the items rented hereunder. All equipment goods are to returned in the exact manner received from the supplier. Any dirt or other materials left within the equipment will subject the customer to a cleaning charge per piece of equipment.
  14. The customer hereby releases, indemnifies (and save harmless) the supplier against any claim or damage of any nature incurred by use of rented equipment, whether installed by the supplier or not. The supplier shall not be liable in any way for personal injuries or damage to the property of the customer, the customer’s guests, invitees, agents, employees, contractors or any other person(s) save and except for such injuries or damages as are caused by the gross negligence of supplier in the operation of equipment contracted for herein. In any event, the liability of the supplier and any other incurred expenses shall not the exceed the total amount of the general comprehensive liability policy of supplier and it is expressly agreed that supplier shall in no event be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages.
  15. The customer agrees to defend the supplier against any claims for any losses, damages, penalties, claims, injuries or expenses incurred as a result of this agreement. This indemnity continues even after the lease or rental has expired.
  16. The supplier is not responsible for any injuries, damages, penalties, claims or losses, including legal expenses, incurred by the customer of any person caused by transportation, installation, manufacture, selection, lease, rent, possession, condition, operation, use or return of property.
  17. Contracted staff persons are entitled to the following break schedule while on location: one fifteen-minute break for deliveries/events less than four hours; three fifteen -minute breaks for events up to six hours; events longer than six hours will require a ten-minute break every 50 minutes of operation time.
  18. The customer shall be fully responsible and obliges himself, herself and/or itself to pay the supplier within ninety days upon demand, the value of the items in the event that the said items are stolen, lost, damaged, or destroyed, in part or whole, whether by theft, fire, loss, act of god or by any other cause whatsoever.
  19. The customer agrees to notify the supplier in writing of any change to the information given on this document or related documents.
  20. The customer warranties that the location at which the supplier is to provide the services agreed to herein has all the necessary electrical outlets, electrical fixtures, electrical service capacity or related devices or capacities to allow the supplier equipment to be installed and rendered capable of performing.
  21. If prior to the delivery date it is determined that any items of the rented items are unavailable, then Supplier shall offer, if available, offer a reasonable substitute. Customer may either accept the substituted item(s) or receive a credit for that item, without any liability to Supplier. If on the delivery date, the supplier is not be able to provide the reserved unit(s), then the Supplier at its sole discretion will substitute equipment of equal or greater value. Customer may either accept the substituted item(s) or receive a credit for that item, without any liability to Supplier.
  22. For outdoor events only: In the event of inclement weather, the customer shall have the right to reschedule their rental if they contact the supplier prior to 48 hours before the delivery time. Once within 48 hours of the event, no changes can be made.
  23. If for any reason the supplier is unable to perform the services contracted for herein due to any act or omission or any negligence on the part of the customer, or due to breach of any term or covenant of this agreement, all deposit monies are forfeit and any balance of payment that would have been due upon full performance of the services contracted for herein shall immediately become due and payable notwithstanding suppliers inability to perform its obligations pursuant to this agreement.
  24. This contract and event are separate from any other dealing or event with the supplier and the customer’s signature on this contract will legally bind the customer to pay the supplier 100% of this contract total price.
  25. Cancellation of this agreement within 72 hours preceding the event date will legally bind the customer to pay the supplier 100% of the contract total price.
  26. This Rental Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the province and/or country in which the rental takes place.
  27. This Rental Agreement together with the schedules hereto represent the entire understanding of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof. All prior discussions are merged herein and superseded hereby.
  28. Customer may not assign this Rental Agreement. Except as provided for above, this Rental Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their successors and assigns.
  29. Customer and Supplier agree to have this agreement drawn in English only.