9ft Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

9ft Pink Cherry Blossom Tree

Regal in stature and interesting to the eye, this Cherry Blossom Tree will command attention wherever you place it. The strong trunks twist upward, where they culminate in a sea of blush pink leaves. Standing a full 12′ tall, this majestic piece is the perfect piece to grace any entryway, aisle way or stage.

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The artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Rental is one of our most favoured centerpieces, especially loved by our customers for its natural quality and pale color palette. Despite of it being an artificial Cherry Blossom tree, the fabric of its leaves radiates natural and delicate tones of pinks under any lighting conditions, making it virtually impossible to distinguish it from a real tree! Especially suitable for night time events or day time outdoor events, the artificial Cherry Blossom Tree rental is subtle in its presence despite its relatively huge scale, and is especially loved by clients who seek to add a playful touch to their events.

Event Rent’s artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Rental is one of the best options for a number of events and parties, including personal weddings, engagements, and wedding receptions, along with small as well as big galas, New Year parties, or other social events for small firms and bigger businesses alike.

Whether you are looking to set a romantic tonal prop for your wedding day, celebrating the Chinese New Year, adding a “photo booth” at your event, or simply celebrating the first day of Spring, this pink and white tree pop adds a pretty sheen to your entire event to add a touch of romance and freshness!

The artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Rental is perfect for events with lighter color schemes, pastels, and floral themed parties. And to top it all, this rental piece makes the perfect backdrop for fun photoshoots for children and the youth at your party, making it a real showstopper!

Transport your guests to a magical journey to Japan, or simply create a Spring Wonderland in the dead of Winter with the artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Centerpiece.

For further details or suggestions on how to elegantly incorporate an artificial Cherry Blossom Tree Rental in your event’s thematic aesthetic, contact us for a free consultation!


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