Table Chandelier Centerpieces

With Chandeliers recently losing their appeal in weddings and receptions due to a number of pragmatic reasons, Table Chandelier Centerpieces have taken the wedding design industry by a storm because of their elegant, luxurious and simultaneously simple yet heavy aesthetic.

With a range of options available for couples who are either going for an outdoor night time wedding under the light of dazzling stars, or an indoor wedding with a modern theme, Event Rent has a number of Table Chandelier Centerpiece options for weddings. Some of our fan favorites include the Manzanita Trees, especially adored by couples for its reflective jewel-like quality. Our range of candelabras, especially White Candelabra and Black Candelabra are, on the other hand, popular for their matte finishes and the resulting gothic aesthetic that they create.

If you are looking for decor pieces to accentuate your themes, Table Chandelier Centerpieces are the perfect options for you!