Romantic Rustic Decor

Rustic themed weddings have been growing in popularity for the last three years and continue to be a favorite among brides and grooms who love the idea of having a comfortable, casual, significantly-less-formal wedding.

Romantic Rustic style is a step back in the direction of the traditional wedding, bringing a bit more glam back into your rustic setting. This allows you to get the proverbial best of both worlds.

The comfort and classy simplicity of rustic weddings marries with the glamour and elegance of romantic weddings to produce something truly unique. Romantic rustic weddings are perfect for those couples who don’t want to limit themselves to only one style.

At Event Rent we have many options that fit very well into Romantic Rustic settings. Ranging from tables and chairs to birdcages and everything in between, you’re sure to find those ideal decor pieces that you’re looking for.

Renting theme-appropriate decor pieces, tables and chairs provides you with a cost effective way to perfectly achieve your vision.