Moroccan Inspired Decor Rentals

Moroccan Inspired Decor Rentals

Moroccan design reflects the country’s rich and diverse history. It does so through its intricate details, textures and geometry. This diversity gives Moroccan inspired decor pieces the ability to merge seamlessly into any style.

They can transform your event from simple and plain to rich, luxurious and exotic with their bold shapes and colors.

Moroccan lanterns are one the most recognizable parts of this decor design style. Intricately made from metals such as brass or copper, these pieces cast amazing shadows on their surroundings when illuminated. They are very popular at weddings as they help to set the ambiance.

Renting these from Event Rent for your special day is the obvious choice. They’re very exotic and come with a hefty price tag, but thanks to Event Rent you can get the same effect at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re decorating your own event or you’re a professional decorator, contact Event Rent today to find out how you can get these beautiful Moroccan Inspired decor pieces for your event!