Indian Prop

Indian props have been all the hype in the present-day wedding market, due to the increase in the number of Indo-Canadian and multicultural weddings that celebrate different cultures and ideals of diversity.

With an increase in their popularity, rentals for Indian Props available at Event Rent are a sure way to guarantee that you set a traditional and culturally present tone for your wedding, while simultaneously have fun deciding on their configuration and uses!

While statues of religious deities, such as Musical Ganesh, Rada Krishna, and Rada Ganesh usually occupy the wedding stage—or mundap—or the main entryway to the wedding venue itself, other props like the Red Matki and Silver Matki, and the Tree of Life Screens make extremely fun backdrops for photographs!

On the other hand, inhabitable props like the Sankheda Dholi and the Swan Dholi take your traditional Indian wedding home by allowing the bride and her family to participate in the tradition of “Bidai”, heightening the sense of being back home, right here in the GTA!

If you want to add a traditional touch to your wedding, then you simply need to include an array of rental Indian props to take you back home for one glorious day!