Ganesh Statues for Rent

Lord Ganesha is the God of Fortune and Prosperity, and Ganesh statues are considered auspicious in many Indian cultures, as they are believed to bring good luck to the bearers who start any significant event in His presence.

Considering and respecting their demand and popularity, especially in many Hindu weddings, our creatives at Event Rent have come up with a number of rental Ganesh Statues of varying designs and colors, to acknowledge our clients’ aesthetic, ethnic, and religious needs.

Some of the best configurations to place your Ganesh Statues would on an island, countertop, decorative post, or on a mantel at the entryway of your wedding venue, or on the wedding stage—or ‘mundap’—in close proximity to the bride and the groom.

What are you waiting for? Take a pick at your favorite Ganesh Statue for rent to kick-start your wedding event, and your newly wedded life with His blessings!