Charger Plate Rentals

While most event planners and wedding decorators don’t think of adding Charger Plates as a part of their themes and schemes from the very beginning of their design process, Charger Plate Rentals can work as a very easy and effective way of adding colourful and/or metallic accents to your party tables!

Choosing the right kind of Charger Plate Rentals is just as important as, say, choosing the right fabrics or flowers for your occasion! While Event Rent’s collection of White and Gold Charger Plates are highly favoured for beach weddings, or mid-day party events, or even events with pastel colour schemes, our range of Black and Silver Charger Plate Rentals are ideal for evening parties and modern aesthetics.

While picking the right kind of Charger Plates, think about the kind of décor pieces your guests might like to see along with your theme to give your event a bit of an interactive touch!

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