Candelabra Centerpieces Rental

Timeless meets tasteful, Candelabra Centerpieces Rental are one of the most affordable decorative pieces that would add a luxurious flair to your wedding or party event.

Available in a number of finishes including glass, crystal, black polish, white matte, gold mosaic, and silver crystal amongst others, Event Rent’s rental candelabra centerpieces are especially designed and decorated by our team of creatives in order to match with our traditionally classic aesthetic.

With their lustrous look that possess the perfect balance between matte and gloss, our gold and black candelabra centerpieces are especially preferred by younger couples looking to woo their guests with their glam décor or floral themes.

White and silver rental candelabra centerpieces, on the other hand, work splendidly well with quite literally any theme, especially preferred for lighter schemed beach and backyard weddings.

Candelabra centerpieces are an effortless and practically fail-proof décor choice to populate the landscape of your wedding, whether you are looking to fill in the space with something traditional, modern, classy, or luxurious!

What’s more, is that with the wide range of candelabra centerpiece finishes available for rent at Event Rent, you can be sure to find the perfect match for your event!