Background Prop Rentals

Background props are considered vital at most events. As long as there will be photographs, you’re going to need background props. These props help to give character and uniqueness to your photos rather than just plain photos with people or a wall in the background.

We have an interesting range of background props available for rent. These include tufted walls, birch wood panels and brick walls. We have options available for many different themes and styles of events.

Why choose Event Rent?

Rental of background props is the smartest way to decorate your event because good quality items can be very pricey. We offer you an affordable, high quality alternative so you can get the look and feel that you want without having to pay the hefty price.

Whether you’re a DIY lover or a professional event planner, contact Event Rent today to find out more details about all our rental items available so we can help to bring your creative vision to reality!