Props are undeniably showstoppers and photobombers at any corporate, wedding, or personal event. which makes investing in them an even more daunting and intricate task considering the fact that they need to be the glue the holds the entire events theme together. This is why prop rentals for events from a design-orientated companies like event rent is the way to go, as our team of design and décor experts can help you pick the right kind of props from our large inventory, to make sure that they seamlessly fit in with your theme.

Ranging from smaller prop rentals for events—such as our Drift Wood Cake Table, White Urn, Victorian Urn, or our Moroccan Lanterns—to larger backdrops—such as Birch Panels, Black Tufted Wall, Cherry Blossom Tree, or Gold Picture Frame—Event Rent’s prop rentals for event have props available for any kind of theme you can envision. Be it rustic chic with our Drift Wood Table, luxury with Tufted Walls, traditional with our Fountain Buddha, or whimsical with our fan favorite Cherry Blossom Tree Rental!

Mix and match, or create a repeated pattern to add a flair of grandiose and elegance, or fun and funkiness with our range of prop rentals for events!