8 Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

8 Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table
April 5, 2018 Navdeep Sahota
Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

A Reception Table will always steal the show at any wedding event due to their tendency to act as a backdrop for most photographs.

Every wedding has the standard things, those things you’ve come to expect each time: The cake, vows, speeches etc. However, one of the areas where your wedding can truly stand out is in your reception table décor.

The way that you design your reception table will resonate with your guests. If you make the right decisions, it will remain in their minds for a while to come, if you make the wrong decisions, it may be the talk of the town (for all the wrong reasons). We’ve compiled a list of 8 steps you need to follow to make sure you cover all the bases when designing your reception table.

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Choose your Tables

The three major options available are usually Banquet Tables, Round tables and Square/ Rectangular tables. Cocktail tables are also a consideration if you’re having a happy hour.

If your wedding venue is fairly small for your guest list, then square or rectangular tables are your best option to maximize your space. If you want more of a family dinner style reception rather than keeping it completely formal, then opt for banquet tables.

As an added bonus, banquet tables help to balance out the space in a large hall. Round tables are the most commonly chosen option, this is because they offer a smooth, elegant flow and are most conducive to conversation.

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Choose your Chairs

The chairs you select should be in line with your wedding theme, complimenting but not overpowering your décor. Event Rent provides some of the best rental prices for the most popular chairs for weddings: Chiavari chairs in Gold or Silver, Ghost chairs and Grace chairs. These chairs elegantly fit into many different themes, from traditional Indian to classic weddings.

White Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair

Silver Chiavari Chair

Resin Stacking Chiavari Chair

Grace Chair

An Plastic Chair

Ghost Chair

Gold Chiavari Chair

Gold Chiavari Chair

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Decide if you’re using Flowers

If you’re having a traditional classic wedding, then floral centerpieces are a must. Fresh flowers are the first choice but if you’d prefer a more cost effective and eco-friendly solution then you can rent silk flowers for your wedding. This way you still get the soft traditional feel of flowers without the hefty price tag.

Silk Floral Ball - Centerpiece

Fuchsia Rose Ball

Blue Floral Ball- Centerpieces

Blue Rose Ball

White Flower Ball Centerpiece

Ivory Rose Ball

Beautiful Red Rose Floral Ball On Event Rent

Red Rose Ball

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Select your Table Linens

This is by far one of the most often overlooked parts of the wedding, but so vitally important. Your tablecloths provide the base for your reception table décor, so they should be chosen very carefully. Ensure that your tablecloth matches the general vibe of your wedding (e.g. if you’re having a Vintage Themed wedding, go for a lace tablecloth).

Next up are your table runners, which can be used as a statement piece or just a minor highlight based on your preference. The width of your runner will be mostly dependent on the size of your centerpieces. They need to be wide enough to completely fit the base of the centerpiece and can be wider than the centerpieces if you want them to really stand out.

If you’re not using chargers then you can use an extra wide runner for added visual impact. Finally, your table napkins should be cohesive with your table cloth or runner. They can be simply rolled and tied or folded into fancier styles if you desire.

Green Table cover

Turquoise Green

Red Crush Table Cloth

Red Crush

Purple Pintuck Table Cover

Purple Pintuck

Fuchsia Pintuck Table Cloth

Fuchsia Pintuck

Black Mesh Overlay Table Cloth

Black Mesh Overlay

Blue Satin Table Clth For Large Size Table

Blue Satin

See more table linen options here

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Decide if you want Charger Plates

We mentioned these in the section on linens, but they deserve their own section. A charger plate is basically a large, decorative base setting for which other dinnerware is placed on top of. They are not meant to come in direct contact with food.

Charger plates have many practical purposes, besides the fact that they provide elegance and enhance the table setting’s décor. They also protect the table and tablecloth from becoming dirty during service. Charger plates can catch pieces of food, and prevent spills and messes that would otherwise stain the tablecloth or flow onto the table. Event Rent has a wide selection of Charger plates available for rent with options to suit your specific needs.

Silver Designer Plates
Gold Beaded Designer Charger Plate

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Choose your Centerpieces

Now comes the fun part! Centerpieces are, without a doubt, the focal point of your reception table. While floral centerpieces have been the go-to option for many years, in more recent times we have seen an increase in people who want to move away from flowers and toward more non-traditional centerpieces such as candelabras, lanterns or lamps. Event rent has a range of non-floral centerpieces available, from Moroccan lanterns and birdcages to timeless candelabras.

Black Centerpiece On Event Rent

Black Candelabra

Antique Lantern

White Glass Lantern

Centerpieces Archieves

3 Tier Jewel Lantern

Led Light Gold Crystalcup

Gold Crystal Cup

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Choose your Stationery

You will need programs, menu cards, place markers and table numbers for the reception tables. These should be consistent with the rest of your wedding stationery (invitations, RSVPs and Save the Date cards) but also complimentary to the rest of your table décor. [You don’t want to have a rustic table setting with glittered, glamorous stationery]

In order to achieve this, you should ideally have your wedding theme identified before you order any stationery, and work with a knowledgeable stationery designer who can properly create a full wedding stationery suite.

Eight Steps to Perfectly Design your Reception Table

Choose your Additional Accessories

This is the fun part! Once you have all your big pieces in place, you can move on to the personal little details that will really help to bring your personality into the table design. These details can include:


Once you’ve completed these 8 steps, your end result will be beautifully and thoughtfully designed reception table decor that your guests will both appreciate and remember positively.

Visit eventrent.ca today for more information about rentals and to see the full offering of wedding décor rentals available!

Design your Reception Table

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