The Must-Have Event Picks: Rental Props

The Must-Have Event Picks: Rental Props
November 29, 2017 Navdeep Sahota
The Must-Have Event Picks: Rental Props

While most people consider props to be of secondary importance when it comes to wedding décor, whether traditional or modern or contemporary, they enhance the overall look of your wedding by adding flavour to your theme. Our creative team at Event Rent has therefore come-up with a list of top 3 rental props that can enliven and give character to absolutely any event!  

Props are all the hype in contemporary weddings, as they make for the most memorable and instagrammable moments of your event. They are extremely important ornamental elements that accentuate your theme and compliment the rest of your events’ furniture and decorations. The following are the top 3 must-haves props for any event!

Cherry Blossom Tree

The Cherry Blossom Tree is one of the best options for a number of different events and parties. Whether you are looking to set a romantic tonal prop for your wedding day, or celebrating the Chinese New Year, or simply the first day of Spring, this pink and white tree pop adds a pretty sheen to your entire event to add a touch of romance and freshness!

Eiffel Tower

When you rent the Eiffel Tower prop from Event Rent, you can be sure to deliver an extremely photogenic focal point for your Paris or Europe themed event. This prop is the perfect combination of trendy and modern, and will give your guests the experience of a Midnight in Paris. Our Eiffel Tower prop is one of the most favoured decorations for couples looking for a romantic-getaway wedding theme.

Auto Rickshaw

The Auto Rickshaw is a fan favourite for couples looking to add a dash of culture to their otherwise elegant weddings. This prop is fun, colourful, and energetic. It adds an Indian flavour to your event, and it is especially favoured by youngsters to create an ambiance suitable for group photographs with friends and family!

Regardless of your event’s theme or ambiance, rental props are one of the cheapest and most fun ways to add life to your party. Apart from our top 3 rental prop picks, we also carry a range of other rental properties including Banyan Tree, Bicycle Table, White Tree Branches, and a lot more! Whatever theme you are trying to create for your special event, contact our team at Event Rent and we will help you find the perfect props for your event!

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