Chiavari Chairs: The Must-Have Event Picks

Chiavari Chairs: The Must-Have Event Picks
November 24, 2017 Navdeep Sahota
White Chiavari Wedding Chair

Have you ever wondered where all of our current decor desires originate from?

In the wedding and event industry today, we get to witness such a variety of unique decorations and furniture. However, there are certain traditional furniture pieces, like chiavari chairs, that are absolutely irreplaceable for various reasons, such as their unique look and the efficiency with which they use your space, all while providing optimum comfort.

One such piece of furniture are Chiavari Chairs.

The Must-Have Event Picks: Chivari Chairs

In the Toronto Event Industry, these chairs are used at the most elegant of occasions – weddings, birthdays and special work events/parties. They fall on the higher end of decor, as they even use them at the White House for special occasions. Some venues have their own chairs, while other venues and vendors rent Chiavari Chairs from Event Rent to complete their decor!

The Must-Have Event Picks: Chivari Chairs

Last weekend, the Event Rent team and myself were delivering an order of 250 Chiavari Chairs for a private event, and it came across to me while I was setting up these beautiful pieces, that the history of these fascinating chairs was unknown to me! So I did some of my own research.

Chiavari Chairs were created in 1807 by an chair innovator called Giueseppe Gaetano Descalzi, in a town called Chiavari on the northwest coast in Italy. With the chairs’ beauty and comfort, they became popular after Napoleon III complimented them. Chiavari Chairs became a huge success in Italy and surrounding European countries, by the time of Descalzi’s death, there were approximately 600 workers making Chiavari Chairs.

chiavari chairs

If you are looking for an elegant solution to your wedding or event, choose Chiavari Chairs as these are decorative and suitable for classy nights. In Toronto, Chiavari Chairs can be rented for your wedding, event, or birthday from Event Rent. Whether you are looking for a Silver Chiavari Chair or a Gold Chiavari Chair, our team at Event Rent can assist you in finding the perfect and most suitable chair for your event!

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