Last Minute Event Decoration Ideas

Last Minute Event Decoration Ideas
July 3, 2018 Navdeep Sahota

Last Minute Event Decoration Ideas

There are people who plan things way in advance, ensuring every little detail is taken care of, and in the days just before their event they only have minor details to polish in order for the occasion to flow without a hitch. If you’re anything like me, you’re not one of these people and you probably have experienced the mad rush of trying to plan a party or event that ‘came up’ at the last minute. To say that it’s tough would be an understatement!

Luckily for you, you’ve landed here.

This article contains all the information I wish I had when trying to plan my last minute events. All the details for 3 of my personal favorite event themes, sprinkled with some super useful tips to help you get it all done in a short time.

Floral Heaven

Especially popular during the spring and summer time, floral themed events have been a favorite for as long as I can remember. Flowers have long been a symbol of life, vitality and sophistication, which explains their popularity in upscale events.

Floral Heaven themed events will generally have floral highlights scattered throughout. They range from floral drapery to glass jars filled with petals, and can include things such as flowers in individual vases, bouquets, mason jars, large letters accented with flowers and the list goes on.

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Floral themed events can be either monochromatic, with all your floral pieces matching your color scheme, or they can be a diverse blend of bright, festive flowers. The actual flowers that you choose to use also bear their own significance. Accessories that really pop against your colorful, floral backgrounds are things like white lanterns and white candleholders.

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Many florists generally don’t take last minute orders for large amounts so if you’re going all out floral, you may not have the option of fresh flowers. Most local craft stores also won’t have the quantities of artificial flowers that you need in stock but they may be able to order it for you and get it rush shipped, if you’re willing to pay for that. Thankfully, Amazon has some really good options for artificial flowers at amazing prices that you can get within a few days!

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Having bouquets of flowers is one of the most common ways to incorporate flowers in your décor. To set your bouquets apart put them in tall vases, preferably metallic or white vases which will keep the flowers out of guests’ conversations and make them really stand out.

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  • Order bouquets of flowers from Amazon for centerpieces
  • Get flowers for your cake from your local craft shop
  • Rent white lanterns and candleholders from Event Rent (much more cost effective to rent)
  • Rent Floral Silk balls from Event Rent
  • Purchase loose petals on Amazon

Enchanted Garden

If you want to get the best of the great outdoors, but not be at the mercy of the weather or have to worry about bugs, insects or any other unwanted creepy crawlies, then an enchanted garden event is perfect for you. Enchanted garden events are characterized by lots of greenery accented with outdoor elements such as wood and flowers.

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Gold and green is a timeless combination that allows you to infuse your greenery with the right amount of class. Accent pieces can include gold candelabras or candle holders. These exude timeless elegance and will be perfect for a classy upscale event. Boxwood walls can be decorated to create a really quick and easy last minute backdrop.

last minute garden

If you’re going for a more rustic route then wooden accents would be the better option for you. Things like logs and moss can be found at your local art shop and can be adorably combined to create some really unique centerpieces, or you can rent Manzanita Trees if you prefer.


  • Purchase greenery garlands from Amazon
  • Rent gold candelabras and accent pieces from Event Rent
  • Go simple on décor and use natural materials
  • Rent boxwood walls as photo backdrop from Event Rent


Whimsical Wonder

Whimsical wonder events can take on many different styles and are really only limited by your imagination. Anything that is considered playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way can find its way into your whimsical wonder event. They would normally be characterized by surprising combinations and special emphasis on the little details. These are popular as they allow you to be a little playful with your event and infuse it with your own personality.


Crystal lamps or globes bring the necessary sparkle to your whimsical setting. These are particularly effective when you utilize colored lighting, causing colorful shadows and reflections that are sure to thrill guests.

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Unique accent pieces such as birdcages bring a touch of whimsy to your special event. The Auto Rickshaw or bicycle table available from Event Rent are also ideal for creating the Whimsical Wonder theme.



  • Rent Birdcages and other accent pieces from Event Rent
  • Rent Crystal Lamps and Globes
  • Make it unique and personalized
  • Set up colored lighting

Now you have everything you need to create your floral heaven, enchanted garden or whimsical wonder events, you don’t have much time or else you wouldn’t be here, so go start planning!

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