Cost Saving Hacks for Weddings: Rental Center Pieces

Cost Saving Hacks for Weddings: Rental Center Pieces
June 14, 2017 Navdeep Sahota
Beautifully Designed Centerpieces

Why Should You Consider Renting your Wedding Center Piece options?

A commonly overlooked expense at many weddings is that of a center piece. While many couples end up purchasing a variety of items to adorn their tables at a wedding reception, not too many know about the option to rent center pieces just for the event.

Through the company Event Rent, it is possible to rent a wide array of center piece items that are suited perfectly to a number of wedding themes.

Instead of having to buy all of your own center pieces for your wedding, and then find space or uses for all those center piece arrangements after your wedding, this could be a financially viable option for any type of wedding/event planning.

Not only can you end up with center pieces which are much more elaborate and ornate but unusual pieces that are sure to build on the theme of your wedding further.

Some of the most popular center piece options from Event Rent include:


1. Pearl Center Piece Art

This beautiful set of candelabra adorned with pearls is the perfect way to build on a beach themed wedding or a formal white wedding.

eventrent-centerpieces-172. Black Rose Ball

The best option for a formal black tie wedding!

3. 9 Arm Center Piece

This 9 arm center piece candelabra produces an opulent look from a crystal candelabra. This piece offers ideal lighting for any table!


4. Gold Crystalcup

The gold crystal cup is a luxury choice for formal weddings with plenty of splendor!


5. Manzanita Tree Center Piece

Get a natural touch with hanging crystals, petals and beautiful colors from this mini tree set on every table.

As you can see from some of these wonderful options there are many luxury centerpieces available for rent at extremely reasonable rates. Any of these centerpieces would not only at help you save money, but convenience your wedding as well!

Check out more from Event Rent for your next event!

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