Center Pieces

  • Aug202018

    Top 5 Candelabra Centerpieces to Light Up Your Event


    Candelabra Centerpieces, sometimes called candle trees, are candle holders with multiple arms. They are timeless, tasteful and serve as a…

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  • Nov202017
    Banner - Decor Company

    Cost Saving Hacks for Weddings: Decor Company v/s Rental Company?

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    Why Should You Consider Opting for Rental Companies over Decor Companies? In today’s wedding industry, Toronto has become renowned as…

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  • Jun142017
    Beautifully Designed Centerpieces

    Cost Saving Hacks for Weddings: Rental Center Pieces

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    Why Should You Consider Renting your Wedding Center Piece options? A commonly overlooked expense at many weddings is that of…

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